Rumours are heard whispered in the hallways of the castle and the straits of the Citadel about a usurper. The crafty lady-in-waiting, that you slept with last night, seemed more exhilarated gossiping about how unknown forces within the court are plotting against the old king and his only son. “Who would possibly want that sad excuse of an heir anywhere near the throne, once the old man is dead”, she had tattled with unabashed excitement.

Gossip is not a part of your duties though. Your paramount task is protecting the life of your king at all times; always alert and armed. You would gladly give your life for this man who has been appointed to rule by the Gods. Just as you put on your pauldrons you hear loud, agitated voices outside in the courtyard...


Very few things offer greater protective qualities than steel, when it comes to historical armour. But with steel also comes disadvantages like weight, inflexibility and the need for constant maintenance to protect against rust. Nevertheless, in this day and age, unless you are on the re-enactment or SCA battlefield, you simply don’t need the level of protection that steel affords.

We here at Epic Armoury would like to present our Light Kit Edition Armours. Light Kit Armours are armours made out of Polyurethane, meant to resemble authentic metallic armours. Created with weight, comfort and utility in mind, Light Kit edition armours are for those people, who want to look like they are wearing authentic metallic armours while being comfortable.

To the untrained eye, these polyurethane armours are difficult to distinguish from their metallic counterparts.They are, however, more comfortable to wear and can be worn for long periods of time without discomfort. Indeed, the flexible nature of this armour means that it can bend to the contours of your body in a way that rigid steel will not. Each part is typically a quarter of the weight of their steel equivalent, allowing for faster movement with less fatigue. Each piece is hand painted with a durable acrylic finish and is detailed to look as realistic as possible. The maintenance free finish will not rust like steel does and can be worn in all kinds of weather. Adjustable leather straps and the flexible nature of the armour allows it to be comfortably worn. The Knightly Light Kit Cuirass is inspired by Medieval armour and valiant knights

This armour is perfect for a variety of uses such as LARP, Cosplay, Costume Parties or Theatre.

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Knightly Spaulders

  • Brands Iron Fortress
  • Product Code: IF-18180100
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 50.00€

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