Someone might say that you are a cruel person. The truth is that you aren’t cruel--but you certainly aren’t a hero, either. The Battle of Delle is not one for your homeland or for your own people, but the pay is good and the fighting even better.
Life as a mercenary has made you into a hardened and effective warrior, and while some call it ‘luck’ when your enemy’s sword slides off your RFB Leg Protection, you call it strategy. After all, now your enemy’s heart is a wide open target.


Ready for Battle Leg Protection is an essential for any person intending to experience the battlefield. Due to these greaves’ simple style,     is an armor solution that can be used across different genres and character-types. Made of 1 mm thick mild steel and top-grain leather straps and fittings, these oxidation resistant coated armor pieces are built to withstand the abuse of a LARP or reenactment with regular leather and metal armor care.


  • Unlike popular belief, arm protection was only called a “bracer” if it was meant to protect the forearm of an archer. Actual forearm protection like this would have been called a “vambrace” or “forearm guard.”
  • Plate armor became more popular as firearm technology became more prevalent during the 13th century.

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RFB Leg Protections

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