Epic Effects’ Unpainted Goblin Overlord Mask is a full goblin mask with a cruel and wizened appearance, repulsive to civilized people. This mask has a goblin's distinct features: a long pointed and slightly crooked nose with large nostrils, pointed ears, horned chin, and heavily textured skin. With multiple warts and moles as well as serrations, scars and marked furrows, this mask maintains a menacingly aged and realistic feel.

The mask is open at the mouth, displaying the wearer’s lower lips and most of the chin. This leaves room for the wearer to speak and be heard properly, and allows a much larger range of expressions. The mask is made from thick 100% natural high-quality latex, making it strong and durable, ensuring long life and extended reuse. The mask is a large fit, made for comfortable extended wear thanks to good ventilation. The look and style of the mask can be made to fit your unique goblin by painting it on your own, as it arrives plain without any painting to give you a clean canvas.

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Goblin Overlord Unpainted

  • Brands Iron Fortress
  • Product Code: IF51423155
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  • 40.00€
  • 32.00€

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