As an outlaw with your face on the wanted posters you cannot afford to be recognized; the price you pay if you get caught is simply too high. No matter if your lawless deeds are perceived to be of rightful reasons or of a more dubious motive, a hood will help you, when you must stay faceless. It is the perfect finishing touch when crafting your LARP-kit for your heroic woodsman or your cunning thief!

Epic Armoury’s Hood Adventurer is a hood with a short mantle and long hood tail. The mantle covers the shoulders, keeping the upper chest covered, while the roomy hood can be pulled down to cover part of the face. Made of a rougher fabric than our Basic Hood, this hood provides protection from the elements without being too warm in potential heat.

Wear this hood by simply slipping it over your head--it’s easy and comfortable. Hoods are great garments for rounding off your look, and the Hood Adventurer is a traditional layer that fits a wide variety of character types.

Affordable and interchangeable with all other Epic Armoury gear this garment allows you to personalize your own costume.

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Adventurer Hood

  • Brands Iron Fortress
  • Product Code: IF-300137
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  • 35.00€

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