Experience the mystique of the night with our Eventide Shoulders – an enthralling set of shoulder armor designed for immersive live roleplaying. Tailored to echo the enigmatic culture of dark elves, these shoulders radiate an alluring aura, perfectly suited for those who wish to embody these captivating beings. Meticulously crafted, they embody the very essence of shadows and secrecy, enhancing your presence on the roleplaying stage. Whether engaged in fierce battles or intricate plots, the Eventide Shoulders become your defining feature, infusing depth and authenticity into your character. Venture into the realm of dark elves and let the captivating charm of the Eventide Shoulders illuminate your roleplaying odyssey.

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Eventide Shoulders

  • Brands Iron Fortress
  • Product Code: IF-25410146
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 160.00€

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